Welcome Prof.Alexander Trubin, Ukraine to be TPC!


Prof.Alexander Trubin, National Technical University of Ukraine, Ukraine

Prof.Alexander Trubin's research interests include the study of the following tasks:


Theory of High-Q Dielectric Resonators (DRs) and Microresonators:

Modeling of coupled oscillations of multiple DR' systems.

Simulation of Electromagnetic Waves Scattering by Systems Coupled Dielectric Resonators in the Open space and the Microwave transmission lines.

Theory of Dielectric Resonator Lattices.

Modeling of frequency selective media on coupled DRs.


Theory of Multisection filters on Dielectric Resonators:

Bandpass DR' filters and Bandstop DR' filters modeling and optimization.


Theory of Multisection Antennas on DRs:

Modeling of multielement DR' antennas in the millimeter and the optical wavelength ranges.


Scattering of electromagnetic pulses on various DR' structures:

Scattering of electromagnetic pulses by Bandpass and Bandstop filters, as well as DR' lattices in the Open space.

Pulses radiation by DR' antennas.